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I need points.

If you want to pay me for a commission, or you have extra points you'd like to give to make someone's day, feel free to drop them here. I will truly appreciate it. :D

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Quinn by Sigfriedofgaea
Tuinn by Sigfriedofgaea
Silver by Sigfriedofgaea
Fire  And Ice by Sigfriedofgaea
FINALLY, I got some good point commission examples... :D

Here are the current states for requests, point commissions, and art trades, and their rules:

To start, because of a point commission scam I encountered early on, I will have to ask for payment in advance.  I can waive this with trusted friends only.

:iconrequestsopen: Only if I feel like it.  Can't hurt to ask, right? 

Requests are uncolored, unless I feel like it (please don't ask me to color it in).  Please, nothing pervy, ecchi, too complicated, occult, yaoi/yuri. or outright gross (although, I do violent drawings).  Just ask, and I will let you know whether or not I can/want do it.

:iconpointcommissionsopen: Same as above, except it can be colored and/or a bit more complicated.  Ask me what you want, and we'll bargain! :D 

Commissions will be 100 :points: each by default, more or less (depending on any reason I may give).  DO NOT ASK FOR A DISCOUNT, because that is a sure-fire way to not receive one.  Remember that 100 :points: = $1 US. 

Unfortunately, due to a Point Commission scam I encountered, I will have to request that you pay your points upfront.  However, I can waive this for trusted friends.  If I feel I cannot complete the picture for whatever reason, I will refund your points.

:icontradesopen: Same deal with the request.  Only if I feel like it.  Can't hurt to ask, right?

And with all of the above, PLEASE make sure you give me resources to work with for any OCs!  Although I can take "text" descriptions, the drawing might not come out the way you want (although this does give me an opportunity to re-imagine your request :D).  So, if you have a picture that can help, please show it to me, for the sake of accuracy!

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Shamelessly stolen from sentnlknight.  I'm bored and I wanna do something reeeeeaaaaaally stupid.  ;P


Rule #1: Pick an OC.  Any OC.

Hmm... can't choose one... so I'll do TWO!


Juliet (Skullgirls Neo) by SigfriedofgaeaRomeo (Skullgirls Neo) by SigfriedofgaeaAemaeth, M'boro Golem by Sigfriedofgaea

Did I say two?  Lemme see... one, two......... bah, who needs math anyway?

Keep in mind that they all are going to be acting a little more... out-of-character... than usual. 
Juliet especially.  As a result, interactions will wind up being unrealistically stupid.  Just for maximum entertainment factor, and to justify answering these questions, since I'm just bored. 

Rule #2: Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that OC.

Nah.  I'd put them to shame.  Let's let them embarrass themselves, rather than letting me do it for them. ;)

Rule #3: Tag 4 people to do the meme.

Uuuuuuhhhhh... NO.

Moving on!

1. What is your name?

(From left to right...)

"Hello, my name is Juliet."

"'Sup.  Name's Romeo."

"God be with you, Moderator!  I am Aemaeth, a M'boro Ambassador!"

2. Do you know why you are named that?

(Juliet) Simple... my father named me that.
(Romeo) (shrugs) Dunno.  I do know that my adopted dad read some story he liked, and named me after one of the characters.
(Aemaeth) My creators heard of a story about how golems were made.  They named me in honor of the story.  My name, Aemaeth, means "Truth Of God" in Hebrew.

3. Are you single or taken?

(Juliet) Single.  I work alone...
(Romeo) Uh, Jules... I think he meant, like, "romantically involved".  Not that you do that kind of thing, though, so I don't expect ya to understand... (grins awkwardly)
(Juliet) (raises an eyebrow)
(Romeo) Okaaaay, so anyway, um... (sighs) still... single............. (looks down awkwardly) yeah...
(Aemaeth) Ah, now I understand.  No, I'm not romantically involved either.  We golems are, well... automatons.  We can feel and express love, but, well, you don't really see any female golems around...

4. Have any ab
ilities or powers?

(Juliet) I am cyborg.
(Romeo) Oh yeah.  Half-dragon, baby!  And I bring the HEAT!  (pounds chest)  I tame the flames, that's the name of the game!
(Aemaeth) I have many abilities.  I can use earth to patch up any holes in me, shift my form a little, and... well... since I am a M'boro golem, I also double as a hornet hive, carrying an entire hive of M'boro within me.
(Juliet) (trying hard to keep a straight face and voice) H-Hornets...?

--- A single M'boro flies out of Aemaeth's mouth and perches on the golem's shoulder.---

(Romeo) Yooooooo, that's badass... yo, Julie!  Check it out!  (turns to Juliet)  Uuuhhh... Earth to Juliet... you okay in there? (waves hand in front of her face)

5. Stop being a Mary Sue.

(Romeo) Okay, WHAT?  What's the matter, all a' dis be too much for ya?  (beats chest) 
(Juliet) ...
(Aemaeth) Um... I am unfamiliar with this term... "Mary Sue".  Can anyone define--

6. What's your eye color?

(Romeo) Orange.
(Juliet) Blue.
(Aemaeth) Um.......... yellow?

7. How about hair color?

(Juliet) Silver.
(Romeo) Black.
(Aemaeth) I have no hair.

8. Have any family members?

(Juliet) Only my father...
(Romeo) My main man Montague said my parents died when I was really young.
(Aemaeth) I am one with the hive. :)

9. Oh? How about pets?

--- All of them shake their head.---

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

(Romeo) People who talk smack.
(Juliet) Inferior beings.
(Aemaeth) People who strike first and ask questions later.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

(Juliet) I fight and skate, especially on ice.
(Romeo) I fight and breathe fire.
(Aemaeth) I like to write.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

(Juliet) Of course.
(Romeo) Who doesn't?
(Aemaeth) Unfortunately, yes.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

(Juliet) Yes.
(Aemaeth) No.
(Romeo) Well......... who wants to know?

14. What kind of animal are you?

(Juliet) I am no animal.
(Romeo) I'm half dragon... but dragons aren't exactly... animal... know what I'm sayin'?
(Aemaeth) I'm not an animal.  I'm a golem.  Is it just me, or are these questions getting less intelligent?

--- Hey, don't look at me!  I stole this thing from someone else!---

15. Name your worst habits.

(Juliet) That's... classified.
(Romeo) Uuuhhh... same here!  Classified!  Yup!
(Aemaeth) I haven't been around for so long... so I haven't really developed any bad habits per se.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

(Juliet) Idols are for the inferior.  I look up to no one.
(Romeo) My main man, Montague.  He's fly.
(Aemaeth) The Almighty One is my inspiration.

17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

(Romeo) Straight as a ruler.
(Juliet) Attraction is for the inferior.  I am attracted to no one.
(Romeo) Nor do ya attract anyone... **COUGH, COUGH**
(Aemaeth) Define these terms.  The humans where I come from never speak in such archaic terms.

18. Do you go to school?

--- They all shake their heads.---

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

(Romeo) (nods eagerly)
(Juliet) Relationships are for those who need others.  An inferior quality.  I do not require love.
(Aemaeth) If I could... yes.

20. Do you have any?

(Romeo) You're kidding...
(Juliet) No.
(Aemaeth) Not really...

21. What are you most afraid of?

(Romeo) (shrugs) Not really sure...
(Juliet) Fear is futile, and for the inferior.  I fear no one.
(Romeo) Denial ain't just a river, ya know...
(Juliet) (blinks) What?
(Romeo) There's a hornet on your shoulder.
(Juliet) (jumps)
(Romeo) Gotcha.
(Aemaeth) I fear for the loss of my hive.  I am their protector.

22. What do you usually wear?

(Juliet) Anything that allows me to move arms and legs freely.
(Romeo) Pants and a vest.  Occasionally, I sling some bling... ;)
(Aemaeth) Naught but a cloak.

23. What's one food that tempts you?

(Juliet) Temptation is futile, and therefore is inferior quality.  I have no--
(Romeo) Go sit on a pine cone, already!  I've had just about enough of that damn "inferior" tal-- ***GYUKK!***
(Juliet) (rams an elbow into Romeo's chest) Inferior.
(Romeo) (falls over)
(Aemaeth) Break it up, lovebirds.  Alright, anyway... golems do not really eat.  The hive provides all I need.

24. Am I annoying to you?

(Juliet) Lovebirds?!  Do NOT associate me with that... that... THING... drooling on the floor!  That HIDEOUS animal of a man!
(Aemaeth) (leans back, smiling wryly; chuckles)
(Juliet) What are you laughing about?
(Aemaeth) Romeo, was it?  Did you get all of that?
(Romeo) (rolls onto his back; coughs up smoke) Yup... she called manly, and she thought I was hot...
(Aemaeth) Sounds about right.
(Juliet) (gasps) You two are IMPOSSIBLE!  (unsheathes arm-blade)
(Aemaeth) Right... I forgot.  Cyborg.  Are you going to kill me?  It won't work out... for you, anyway...
(Romeo) I think she's upset 'cuz you broke through her facade.

25. Well, it's still not over!

(Juliet) That's.  It.  YOU... (points at Romeo) FIRST.
(Romeo) Me?  Girl, you as cray as the fish...
(Juliet) (lunges at Romeo at a blinding speed)
--- Before Romeo can react, he finds the blade pointed only inches from his eyes.  It had gone through Aemaeth's arm, which began to crumble into dust around the wound, severing the arm from the rest of his body.---

(Romeo) I think... I just lost my brown...
(Aemaeth) (looks down at Juliet disapprovingly) You broke my arm.

--- Muttering is heard within Aemaeth, as the large M'boro Hornets crawl out of the new opening in Aemaeth's body, with groans of disgust at how Juliet had harmed their precious ambassador.---

(M'boro Hornet in the crowd) This fiend has dared strike at our ambassador!  We must have vengeance!  Vengeance!   VENGEANCE!
(M'boro Hive) (rushes out to hover above Aemaeth's head; continues chanting wildly) VENGEANCE!  VENGEANCE!  VENGEANCE!  VENGEANCE!  VENGEANCE! 
(Aemaeth) NO!  This is not the way!
(Juliet) (pales, steps back) T-They can talk?!
(Aemaeth) It was just an arm... calm down guys...


26. What class are you (low/middle/high)?

(Juliet) (groans weakly) High...
(Aemaeth) (helps Romeo carry a fainted Juliet to a bench) Not applicable.
(Romeo) I ain't part of a class.  I just have class!  Classiest half-dragon this side of New Meridian!

27. How many friends do you have?

(Romeo) I have a bunch of 'em.
(Juliet) ...
(Aemaeth) I suppose the girl now has two friends in this world...

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

(Romeo) Love it.
(Aemaeth) I told you before, I don't really eat...
(Juliet) Pie... is irrational...

29. Favorite drink?

(Aemaeth) Still don't really consume anything.
(Romeo) Soda.
(Juliet) Pie... is irrational...

30. What is your favorite place?

(Aemaeth) Usually wherever I'm standing... I like to travel.
(Romeo) Hard to say... I just like the streets.
(Juliet) Pie... is irrational...

31. Are you interested in anyone?

(Romeo) Well... there's this one circus girl I know... athletic, powerful, beautiful... got that weird hat-thing...
(Aemaeth) Big top performer?
(Juliet) (begins to wake up) Why are we speaking of Cerebella?  She's... out of league... for you...

32. That was a stupid question...


33. Would you rather swim in a lake or in the ocean?

(Romeo) Dunno.  They both sound fine to me.
(Aemaeth) Let's just say I'm not so good at swimming...
(Romeo) Why?
(Aemaeth) Let's just say... earth and water do not mix...
(Juliet) (groans) What happened?

34. What's your type?

(Aemaeth) I don't know.  What's my type?
(Romeo) My type is someone who ain't a pushover.  A combo of beauty and brawn... sexy and strong.  Though not overdone.  That'd be weird as all get out... know what I'm sayin'?
(Juliet) (groans in pain)

35. Any fetishes?

(Romeo) Alright, what'd ya say?  For a second there, I thought I heard ya ask something stupid... (eyes glow) Wanna... swing that one by me again?
(Aemaeth) No.
(Juliet) Stop lying to self, Romeo...

36. Camping or outdoors?

(Romeo) What?
(Aemaeth) What?
(Juliet) Are they not the same thing?



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--- ID is done by the great :iconsoartothesky:. Check her out!---

You may refer to me as Sigfried. Or Z.

I am a busy college student, avid daydreamer, modder and player of Doom/Doom II, and a proud and devout Catholic Christian. Of course I draw. :XD:

As of August 2015, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Level 1.

No, of course it's not a bad thing! Think of it as... well... being able to think about things in a different light.

Let me explain...

Some connections that may be obvious to some aren't to me. Conversely, some connections that may come easily to me might not come so easily to others. Therefore, many times I may word things weirdly, sometimes to the point of saying something that has a connotation opposite of what I may want to say. As a result, I tend to be misunderstood many times.

Speaking of seeing things in a different light... I absolutely LOVE to do just that! I love to re-imagine and see things re-imagined. I embrace it! This is why I love reboots such as the new Star Trek movies and the Loonatics Unleashed cartoon, why I favor fictions about alternate realities, why I created an alternate dimension to the Bakugan and Skullgirls universes, and why I like to draw other people's characters in a different fashion.

Feel free to look in my gallery... I dare ya.

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Favorite genre of music: Most kinds of modern music (mainly metal)
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I'm gonna make a couple of characters drawing inspiration from this... :D
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