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Dreadnought and Jaws Of Death (Skullgirls OC) by Sigfriedofgaea

"Stolen" from :iconmegaspidermoon:

Inspired by this journal: Hector's Skullgirls QuotesHector's Battle Quotes

Gender: male
Age: 21
Birthday: June 18
Blood type: His blood has skull heart energy  
Height : 6'2
Weight: 400 lbs 
Measurement: unknown 
Likes: Dark chocolate, reading, studying, science, fighting for freedom, Arbor, New Years,  his mother, being alone, training,  meditating, alternative rock,   Orchestra, playing the violin, his katana, the color blue, poetry.
Dislikes: the skull heart, what the heart did to his mother, double, brain drain, weak people, idiots, loud noise, interrupting his reading time, lame puns, cartoons, nightmares about his mother, his skull heart blood, the skull girl, people how talk trash about his loved ones, The color purple, The Trinity.
Vs Filia" It’s getting pass your bed time kid"
Vs Cerebella "Strength is all that matters here!"
Vs Painwhee “What the hell are you suppose to be?"
Vs Peacock"I always did hated cartoons"
Vs Ms.Fo

Decided to keep most of the same format, but with changes.

All statistics/quotes are subject to change.

Name: Joseph Michael Kain
Aliases: Dreadnought, Hellmouth
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Blood type: O-
Height : 6' 7"
Weight: 380 lbs 

Likes (in no particular order): Singing, screaming, fighting, eating, breaking things, ruining Ereshkigal's plans, heavy metal, cats, dogs, flowy trenchcoats, playing as Parasoul in Skullgirls, playing as Valentine in Skullgirls, going bare-chested, adventure, going overkill, working alone, insulting his teammates and enemies, bringing out the worst in people, down-to-earth women, fighting women, blowing off steam, joking.

Hates (in no particular order): Ereshkigal, wimps, super-arrogant people, stoic people, cold-hearted people (sometimes himself), emotional wrecks, the government, computer lags, zombies (both figurative and literal), his current appearance, working with a team, women with attitudes (especially headstrong women), distractions, wasting time, physical check-ups, medicinal drugs, whiners, complainers, substance addicts.

Menu Selection Quote

"We've no time to waste!"

Introductory Quotes

"Outta the way!  I've got me a Skull Heart to find!"
"My will is strong.  My cause is just.  And my sword... is very, very hungry."

"Last chance."

"C'mon, I won't bite... hard."
(high-pitched distorted screech)

Versus Filia:
"Oi!  Hairbrain!  Time to get schooled!"


"I've heard of muscleheads, but THIS is RIDICULOUS!"

Versus Painwheel:
With a wheel THAT size... man, that's gotta be one big pizza..."
"I'll show you what TRUE pain feels like!"
"Oh my God... (concerned)"

Versus Peacock:
"You are what you watch..."

Versus Ms. Fortune:
"Look at what the cat dragged in..."

"Insert witty cat-poster caption here."
"ME-OWCH. (shudders)"

Versus Valentine:
"Eeeeeeh... what's up, doc?"

Versus Parasoul:
"A royal pain in the neck.  And the tuckus.  And wherever else she stabs ya."
"Hey, Red... why don't we go out for a BITE instead?"

Versus Double:
"Am I seeing DOUBLE?!  Must be my eyes..."
"Someone's gonna need to mop you up when I'm through with you."

Versus Marie:
"I will defeat you.  And then KILL you.  UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD!  HRAAAARGH!"

Versus himself:
"You've got a nice smile." (Other Dreadnought) "Likewise."

Versus Squigly:
"Now... where'd I pack my boomstick?"

Versus Big Band:
"YEAH!  I love my music BIG and LOUD!"

Victory Quotes

(high-pitched distorted screech)
(plays electric guitar, or does an air guitar with the Jaws of Death)
"You asked for it.  Don't say I didn't warn you..."

"Heh, better luck next time."
"Nothing that classic metal can't fix..." (plays electric guitar)

Versus Filia:
"You fail.

Versus Cerebella:
"Show's over, kiddo."
"I'm guessing it's a little late to ask for an autograph, hmm?"

Versus Painwheel:
"Whoever put you up to this is gonna pay."
*WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!* (imitates Painwheel's victory stance)

Versus Peacock:
"That's all, folks!"

Versus Ms. Fortune:
"Need a bandaid?  Or ten?"
"I feel in the mood for a cheeseburger, all of a sudden."
"Yeesh, this ain't something to fall apart over..."

Versus Valentine:
"I hope that hurt."
"You despicable coward."

"Nothing that classic metal can't fix..." (plays electric guitar) (Valentine) "Ugh..."
"It looks like MY kung-fu is stronger than YOUR kung-fu..."

Versus Parasoul:
"Ain't it bad luck to use an umbrella when it ain't raining?"
"I was really looking forward to that dinner, Red..."

Versus Double:
"Yuck." (shudders)

Versus Marie:
"Ereshkigal, you're next!"

Versus himself:
"Nothing personal, bro..."

Versus Squigly:
"Rest in PIECES!"

Versus Big Band:
"What a shame."

Defeat Quotes

"Burn in Hell!"
"Must... keep... trying... nngh!"
(high-pitched dying screech)

Versus Filia:
"Forgive me, senpai!" (snickers)
"My mistake... it is I who needs a lesson..."

Vs Cerebella:
"Hey... break a leg, eh?" (snickers)
"Mafia scum..."

Versus Painwheel:
"Okay.......... that hurt..."

Versus Peacock:
"Well, this is embarrassing."
"Beaten by a turkey!"
(Peacock) "That's PEACOCK to ya!"

Versus Ms. Fortune:
"I hope I don't get rabies..."

Versus Valentine:
"I thought nurses were healers..." (Valentine) "Yeah, well... I'll need something to heal first..."
"This is why I DON'T go to the doctor's office..."
(Valentine) "Dentistry isn't in my range of expertise, but I think I can manage..."

Versus Parasoul:
"Soooo... it's a 'yes?'" (Parasoul) "Go to Hell." (Dreadnought) "I love... you... too..."
"Call me... uuhhhhnnn..."

Versus Double:
(high-pitched dying screech) (Double) Back to the chasm, demon.

Versus Marie:
"I'll be back..."

Versus himself:
"Wow... didn't know I was THAT good..."

Versus Squigly:
"Sing me a lullaby, why don't ya?"

Versus Big Band:
"Maybe too big... and too loud..."

Tag-in Quotes

--- Retreating characters will say "Hellmouth!" or "Dreadnought!" as their generic quotes.  He will respond with any one of the following generic responses.---
"I'm back."
"Ooooooh, you're in trouble now!"
(high-pitched distorted screech)

"Get them, Dreadnought!"
(Samson) "Give 'em Hell, Hellmouth!"

"I'll break your legs next!" (Dreadnought) "Looking forward to it."

"A little help?!" (Dreadnought) "What's the matter, turkey?"
"Yo, Loudmouth!"
"Sic 'em, Doughnut!"

"RRRRRRGH!  STOP!" (Dreadnought) "Whoa, what's the matter?"

Ms. Fortune:
"I'll make like a banana..." (Dreadnought) "... and SPLIT!"

"FINISH THEM!"  (Dreadnought) "Cover your ears."

"Joseph!" (Dreadnought) (gasps) "SHE LOVES ME."

--- Assume that Dreadnought actually revealed his real name to the rest of the team.---

"Destroy them!" (Dreadnought) "Since when did I become your servant?!"

"Presenting the Voice of Destruction..." (Dreadnought) "Yours, that is..."
(Leviathan) "Make a mess!" (Dreadnought) "WITH GREAT PLEASURE!"

Big Band:
"Make some noise!" (Dreadnought) "My thoughts exactly!"

Tag-out Quotes

"Exit stage left!"
"Make 'em bleed!"
(high-pitched distorted screech)

To Filia:
"Tear 'em apart, Hairbrain!"

To Cerebella:
"Yo, Knucklehead!"

To Peacock:
"Get 'em, Turkey!"
"Playtime's over!"

To Painwheel:
"Time to show 'em REAL PAIN!" (Painwheel) "Yes... NO!"

To Parasoul:
"Dirty your hands, princess."
"RED!" (Parasoul) "Stop calling me that."

To Ms. Fortune:
"Here, kitty kitty!"
(Does a metal cover of the "Nyan Cat" song)
(Ms. Fortune) "THAT'S RACIST!"

To Valentine:
"Ready for operation, doc." (Valentine) "Looks like we'll have to amputate..."

To Double:
"Take 'em to church!"

To Squigly:
"Sing 'em a song!"
"Bite me, and you won't live to regret it."
(Squigly) "Likewise."

To Big Band:
"Strike up a beat!" (Big Band) "HAHAAAAAA, YEEEAAAAAH!"

If anyone has suggestions on quotes Dreadnought can say, or any character responses, feel free to list below.  If I like it, I will post it, and duly give credit.

Journal History


Sigfriedofgaea's Profile Picture
Sigfried Maro
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
You may refer to me as Sigfried. Or Z.

I am a busy college student, avid daydreamer, and a proud and devout Catholic Christian. Of course I draw. :XD:

I love to see things in a different light... see things re-imagined. This is why I love reboots such as the new Star Trek movies and the Loonatics Unleashed cartoon, why I favor fictions about alternate realities, why I created
an alternate dimension to the Bakugan and Skullgirls universes, and why I like to draw other people's characters in a different fashion.

Feel free to look in my gallery... I dare ya.

Now that I feel like I'm drawing good enough, I'm doing art for others... here are the current states for such forms of requests, and their rules:

:iconrequestsclosed: Requests are uncolored, unless it's for a friend/respected artist, or if I feel like it (please don't ask me to color it in). Please, nothing pervy, or fetishy, too complicated, or outright gross.

:iconpointcommissionsask: Same as above, except it can be colored and/or a bit more complicated, but it'll be for a small fee... somewhere between 5 and 50 points, more or less. Ask me what you want, and we'll bargain! :D

:icontradesopen: Same deal with the request.

And with all of the above, PLEASE make sure you give me things to work with for any OCs! Although I can take "text" descriptions, the drawing might not come out the way you want... so if you have a picture that can help, please show it to me, for the sake of accuracy!

Current Residence: The U.S. of A.!
Favorite genre of music: Most kinds of modern music (mainly metal)
Favorite photographer: Peter Parker XD
Favorite style of art: Anime, Twist-Ties
Favorite cartoon character: Got too many of them.

Mah bro: :iconsaintofthedragons:

Dudes I know in real life (besides that guy up there...): :iconmoonfire-shadowracer::iconalexsushiama::iconbloodthornsilverrose:

Best friends: :iconkyoriangel::icontsakira::iconmiss-desrosiers::iconsemisis::iconashexxxx::iconkrystalgirl::iconaesd::iconinesidora:

MOAR friends: :icongretechan::iconkyouseme-arasaki::iconlouise008::icontigerclaw556-0::iconsouls-of-kh::icondraco-rex12::iconcarliechii::iconliepardmon555:

Developing friends: (people who I like and am trying to develop mutual friendships with):

Initial Inspiration:

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